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Monday, April 7, 2008


********UPDATED - 22 Apr 2008********

I mentioned earlier that I couldn't find much of a record for the Navy admirals that commanded USTDC. I still don't have much, but I thought I'd post a few tidbits that I've gathered from around the internet. None of these are from official sources, so I can't swear to their accuracy, but I've included links to my sources.

Vice Admiral Roland N. Smoot: 1958

Vice Adm. Charles L. Melson 1962 to 1964

Vice Adm. William E. Gentner Jr. 1964 to 1967

Vice Adm. John L. Chew 1967 to 1969

Vice Admiral Walter H. Baumberger: 1971-1972

Vice Admiral Philip A. Beshany:  Sep 1973 – Sep 1974
Vice Admiral Edwin K. Snyder:  Aug 1974 – Aug 1977
Rear Admiral James Linder:  1978 – 1979

Vice Admiral Doyle: ????

If anyone can fill in some blanks here, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

In 1972 the commander was Admiral Buamberger.

Don said...


titojohn said...

Here's a list of the admirals I remember:

Vice Adm. Roland N. Smoot 1958
Vice Adm. Charles L. Melson 1962 to 1964
Vice Adm. William E. Gentner Jr. 1964 to 1967
Vice Adm. John L. Chew 1967 to 1969

I could be off on the dates a bit, as memory isn't what it used to be.

John Quinn
Radioman J-6
USTDC 62-63, 65-68

Don said...

Thanks a bunch, John. I updated the list.


Tom Brown said...

I served during VADM Smoot and Melson's time under YNC Vordenbaum (VADM Smoot's Writer) and then YNCS Marvin Childers (VADM Melson's Writer). VADM Smoot's AIDE was a mustang LCDR Hollingsworth while VADM Melson's was LCDR Carl Thor Hanson - later VADM Hanson. During those days my job as YNSN / YN3 was currier duty between TDC, the American Embassy and the Ministry of National Defence Republic of China on Taiwan. I was 18 in 1961 when I reported and with the exception of a couple of Marine's in the Embassy Guard the youngest enlised one on the Island. So now at 66 yrs. I doubt if anyone is still alive from those days.

Don said...

Very impressive memory, Tom. I imagine that most of the senior staff is gone now, but there are a lot of guys who are our age (I just turned 65) still alive and kicking. Many of them post here.


Jim Sutton said...

Don--I was in Taipei as a dependent from '59 to '62 and then again from '69 to '72. My father was an AF O-3/4 in TDC J-6 during the first tour, then in the MAAG on the second tour as an O-5. I remember VADM Smoot well...even after these many years. Another group who might have vivd recollections from this time are folks in the Taipei American School Alumni Association. We are having a reunion in October...see the TAS website for more information. Thanks for the great site...and memories.