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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Armed Forces Network Taiwan

A while back, I added a link to Rick Courtney's Taipei Military photos page in the right-hand column of this blog.

Rick just sent me a link to his new Armed Forces Network Taiwan page, where you can listen to an AFNT broadcast from June 23rd, 1968. The announcer was Frank Fellers, who served with Rick at STRATCOM in Taipei but who also had a late-night radio show on AFNT. At that time, AFNT was in the Sugar Building in Taipei where the telephone exchange was located.

Rick has edited the tapes to filter out the noise, and the results are incredibly good!



Anonymous said...

Thanks to Rick, I really enjoyed listening to this. I was stationed at HSA Jan 1965 - Jan 1967 and for sure visited the Sugar Building many times on mail deliveries. Frank Fellers has a smooth voice and you did a good job Rick in capturing the feeling of a late Saturday rainy night in Taipei in I believe 1968. Smooth music of the times as well. Thanks for this.

Anonymous said...

Boy, this really brings Taipei back!!! When at home we had a choice between AFNT and the shows on the Taiwanese TV station(s).

To our western ears, the Taiwanese/Chinese music sounded like a combination of a cat with its tail under a rocking chair and someone having picked up all the pots and pans in the house and simply thrown them in the air, letting them clatter on the floor.

When we were there in the late 60s and early 70s it never dawned on us that we would miss the great, and often funny, times we were experiencing then.

Time does heal all wounds, removes all misadventures, and leaves only the good memories.

Jim Sartor

Anonymous said...

AMEN, Brother!

Anonymous said...

This is a must listen for all Taiwan vets. Rainy Sunday night in Taipei, what memories!

Anonymous said...

While looking up information on Typhoon Gloria in 1963 I found this web site dedicated to a USN JO1 that worked at the radio station at that time. check out this link.
cut and paste into browser.

Gordon Hanson said...

Thanks for the memories. I visited the AFNT studio in the Sugar Building once in 1967 or 1968 and remember talking to the DJ, an AF SSGT named Mark something or other. He was an older guy, in his twenties...