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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Letters To Mom

Back in 1965-1966, a young sailor by the name of Steve Fehr was stationed with the Navy in Taipei. Like all good sons serving overseas, he wrote his mom on a fairly regular basis and she held on to those letters. Years later, Steve decided to post them, along with his editorial comments, as a draft for a possible book.

Just go to S.S. Fehr's Letters to Mom, scroll down the left column and then click on the first Taipei entry. I should warn you that once you start reading, it's really hard to stop.


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Anonymous said...

I read all of Steve's letters regarding his Taiwan service and his return to Taipei after Vietnam. I have to admit, when he finally returned to Taipei and found his lovely girlfriend, I was so happy I clapped my hands in excitement. Maybe some of you can relate to my actions. I married a woman from Taipei and our life was wonderful together. Steve's life went in other directions, but those days in Taiwan will live forever in his spirit and mind.