Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Monday, August 20, 2007

Layout of HSA Compounds

I recently received these diagrams of the Headquarters Support Activity's east and west compounds from Les Duffin. (Thanks again, Les!) Click on either of the images to see a larger version.

The east compound was where the US Taiwan Defense Command was located, as well as the Navy Exchange, commissary, theater, library, beverage store, snack bar and several other offices and services.

I attempted to overlay the Google Earth view of the east compound area with the diagram, but I can't decide whether or not I have the correct scale. In any case, I think it provides a rough approximation of the area as it existed during the 1970s. Please post your comments if your memory is better than mine on this.

Here's the diagram of the west compound, which was located to the east of where the stadium is located today. The bowling alley was there, as was the chapel, Pass and Registration and the auto repair shop.


Joe Cortie said...

Thanks for the layout. I was there in 1963 and don't remember what it was like. I do remember that I spent most of my time on duty in a little shack just outside TDC. It was COMSEVENTHFLT DETACHMENT "A". I think it was one of the buildings just to the left of building 19.

I lived in a Hostel close by until it was flooded out by a typhoon. Then I moved up on Yan Ming Shan(sp) or Grass Mountain. They had a hot sulphur bath in the basement of the Hostel.

After forty years, I finally made contact with my room mate from there.

I dated an Air Force Major's daughter while I was there and lost track of her after I left. Does anyone know how I can find a roster of who was there at that time.

Glad I found this site.

Don said...

Welcome aboard, Joe, and thanks for your comments. I don't remember your organization, but then I don't remember half the stuff that appears on these two maps and I was there ten years after you were!

Joe said...

Thanks Don,
Even while I was there, most didn't know what we did in the little shack out back. It was highly classified at the time but mainly we were eyes and ears for Quemoy and Matsu Islands.

Lacey said...

I'm sorry Joe and Don, but I'm going to have to shoot you for that breach of security.

This map is perfect. I think I lived in 25, on the left side. That little connecting structure was where the heads were. One man to a cubicle, but the walls did not go to the ceiling, nor to the floor. I was in the second cubicle on the left side of the hall, on the left side of the structure when you walked in the front door.

Jim Dale said...

Thanks for posting this info. I was stationed at Taipei Air Station (2165th Comm GP)in 74-75 but was down at the HSA Compound regularly for movies, library, PX/BX and night classes with Univ of Maryland. Wasn't there an NCO Club nearby (Shu Lin Kou) but outside the compound?

Anonymous said...

i was stationed at the 2165th communications squadron at taipei air station in 1962-63. radio relay equipment repair. i was sent to vietnam on a tdy for a month or two to set up radio relays for the army. i have developed prostate cancer, which the VA says could have been caused by exposure to herbicides used in vietnam and that i can claim disability for this, but they cannot find proof that i went to vietnam. as far as i know it was a covert mission. there is no time limit on filing for these benefits. if anyone was there during 62-63, please contact me.

VinceD said...

I was stationed at the 2165th Communications Squadron at Taipei Air Station in 1963-1965 as a Ground Radio Operator (Single Side Band). I was there for a total of 27 months. Great duty. Vince D