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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

USTDC Chiefs of Staff

As far as I know, the Chief of Staff position at USTDC was always an Air Force billet.

In looking around the internet, I discovered the official biographies of former Air Force Generals and with a little creative googling I was able to identify all of those who filled that position. Though I had to guess at some of the dates because the biographies weren't always specific, I think I'm pretty close. If anyone has a correction, please post it below.

Also, if anyone has a similar listing of the admirals who served as USTDC Commander, please let me know and I'll post it here.

Here's the list:

1955-1957 Brigadier General Harold Winfield Grant

1957-1958 Brigadier General William G. Lee Jr.

1959-1960 Brigadier General Neil D. Van Sickle

1960-1962 Brigadier General Robert Francis Worden

1962-1963 Brigadier General Richard J. Sutterlin

1963-1965 Brigadier General John W. Collens III

1966-1967 Brigadier General Thomas Norville Wilson

1967-1968 Brigadier General Carlos M. Talbott

1968-1970 Brigadier General John A. Desportes

1970-1972 Brigadier General Clarence J. Douglas Jr.

1972-1974 Brigadier General William C. Burrows

1974-1976 Brigadier General David O. Williams Jr.

1976-1978 Brigadier General Dan A. Brooksher


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Rory O'Neil said...

Dear Don, It took about one month, but I have now journeyed backwards in time, Sept. 2013 - July 2007. It was quite the journey through your USTDC Blog! I ejoyed learning new things, recalling my own experiences, and reviving memories that otherwise were lost. I thank you for preserving the History of the US Armed Forces in the Republic of China, Taiwan. If I barely scratch the surface of what you have done, I'll be most satisfied. Thanks so much!
Rory O'Neil