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Thursday, July 26, 2007

McCauley Beach

Does anyone recall exactly where McCauley Beach was located? You might remember that it was the recreational spot where US military officers and enlisted people could spend their off-duty time on sand and surf, with appropriately chilled adult beverages in hand of course.

You can find pictures of the beach as it was a few decades ago here, here, and here.

What I'm really looking for is the current name of the beach. Someone suggested that it might be the beach near An Li on the northern coast but I really don't recall. If you have access to the Google Earth program, just do a search for "anli taiwan" and see if it looks familiar.

Please comment on this message or drop me an email if you can help.



Anonymous said...

My friend and I, who live in present-day Taiwan believe McCauley Beach is one of JinShan's fine beaches. The Anli you refer to is Wanli, which is just down the road.
Hope this helps.

Don said...

You may very well be right. Thanks so much for the information!

Anonymous said...

McCauley Beach and Camp McCauley are at the following coordinates just east of Jinshan.


The area is pretty much unrecognisable today as the power station built in the '80s very much industrialised the area.

I remember being taken on one of the final excursions to Camp McCauley in late '78. The place was pretty much deserted. We kids were picked up in the 63 Club car park (exactly the same today as it was then!) in the morning and dropped off later in the evening covered in oil as there had been a recent spill.

We visited again several times in the '80s but as the power station grew it became less and less of a nice place to swim and it became little used.

Lacey said...

McCauley Beach. So many memories. I hadn't thought about that in about 30 years. I used to have pics, but they are long gone.

Anonymous said...

My residence is about 3 miles away from McCauley beach, and believe that the TPC 2nd Nuke Powerplant reactor cooling water exit is at the east end of it, which WGS-84 coordinates should be


Local people called it "Ding Liau" beach, and my friend owns a barbecue chicken dinner at the west side of it, pretty nice place for surfing, swimming, fishing and enjoying the view of squid boats at night in summer.

Nowadays visitors flying kites, fishing, even taking wedding pictures on the breakwaters of the cooling water exit of the nuke powerplant at the weekends.

the Camp McCauley is renamed "Jin Shan Activity Center" after transferred to Taiwan MoD Combined Logistics Command in late 1970s.

Both Camp McCauley and McCauley beach located at Wanli Township, rather then Jinshan Township.