Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Monday, January 2, 2012

Personnel Officer

I've been sorting through old news articles and found this one from the December 20, 1970 issue of the Ocala (Florida) Star Banner.  It's a standard hometown piece that the military services send to local papers when a resident is assigned to a new unit.  In this case, a First Lieutenant Blackwell was assigned to USTDC as a personnel officer.

What drew my attention was that when I arrived in 1973, there was no personnel officer.  I was the personnel NCO as a tech sergeant, but my boss was Army lieutenant colonel Clay Blanton, who was (as I recall) the Administrative/Personnel Officer and he worked directly for the J-1. My guess is that the personnel officer position was cut as part of the gradual downsizing of TDC during that period.

Incidentally, the lieutenant's father-in-law, Major General Henry W. McMillan, was the Adjutant General of the Florida National Guard.


Scott said...


From his biography, which he has posted online, states: "In his last two years of active duty he served as the protocol aide to Vice Admiral Walter H. Baumberger, Commander, United States Taiwan Defense Command in Taipei, Taiwan."


Don said...

Thanks, Scott. Tito John also sent me a link to his bio. As I told John, I'm guessing that he went to TDC to fill a Personnel billet but was moved upstairs to work for the admiral when his billet was deleted.