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Monday, September 19, 2011

Taiwan Report - 1960s (Chapter 10)

Chapter ten discusses purchasing and preparing food, as well as tips on eating at local restaurants during the 1960s.  It also talks about the importance of drinking only water that had been properly treated.  When I was there in the 1970s, we drank only bottled water.  I did brush my teeth with tap water but never had a problem while I was there.

Food poisoning was not uncommon, even among those who had been stationed in Taiwan for extended periods.  I wrote earlier about a visit to Snake Alley with my friends Pete and his wife Peggy and several other folks.  Peggy was the only one in the group to eat  boiled squid in one of the restaurants and she paid a pretty severe price for a couple of days or so.

But for the most part, just using a little common sense allowed you to enjoy most anything without suffering any serious consequences.


Anonymous said...

Great read. But missing page 84.
Also Shu Lin Kou Air station would be a good read also as I have not seen the pages posted and any ones blog.

Don said...

Page 84 added.

I'm working on something that will include the Shu Linkou pages. Give me a few days.