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Monday, July 18, 2011

BOT #109

I received these great pics from Barbara Auch.  She and her husband worked at USTDC during 1978-79 and they lived at BOT #109.   She wrote:

Saw the pics of BOT housing on the blog, so I thought I'd add a couple. These pics are of the outside and inside of BOT #109. Unlike most of the BOT housing in Tien Mou, our place was not a duplex. It wasn't far from Les's house, which I walked by nearly every day to catch the bus. I think you can see from the BOT housing pics Les sent (the one with everyone on bicycles) you can see a house sitting directly behind them. BOT #109 is directly behind THAT house.

BOT#109 had 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths with terrazzo flooring in the kitchen and baths and wood floors in the rest of the house.

The pics I'm sending are 2 outside pics of BOT#109 (you can also see the huge apartment building they were constructing behind our house in 1978/1979). One pic is the living room with a big fireplace and built-in bookcases. A couple pics of the kitchen with all that tile. You can see the big water jug on the counter because you couldn't drink water from the tap. I also remember that our stove was gas and the windows throughout the house were just huge. Curtains had to be made to fit those windows and I was glad that the previous owner left them. I also remember taping those windows in an "x" pattern during the monsoon season. Ugly but effective.

Barbara Auch


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