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Monday, March 21, 2011

MAAG Officers Open Mess - Part Two

A couple of days ago I posted some excellent photographs of the MAAG Officers Club that were taken in 1960 and that were provided by Elizabeth Feldmann. She has now sent me some additional images from that period.
Article from Far East Club Activities about the MAAG Officers Club and U.S. Army Captain Jerry Feldmann.

Dining Room Menu Cover
Club Menu - First Page

Club Menu - Second Page

Paul Kuo was a Taiwan artist who frequently drew cartoons under the heading "Formosan Vignette" for the China Post Newspaper.  This one depicts Jerry and Elizabeth Feldmann and their four children departing Taipei. 
Elizabeth says that she had many great experiences during their assignment to Taiwan.  Because of her husband's job, they were invited to the British Embassy for Queen Elizabeth's birthday observance.  They were also invited to the Korean ambassador's home because Captain Feldmann used to brief him some years earlier when he was stationed there.

She continued, "We used to go to Sun Moon Lake with a picnic lunch, haul all the kids and our amah and get rowed around the lake for a few hours.  I remember going roller skating at a park not far from the river. We had three of the children with us and we gathered quite a crowd watching us. (I think they were waiting for my husband or myself to fall down.) Thank goodness we didn't!

I remember going down-island to a glass blowing factory.  The bus was so old and rickety I wondered if we would make it back.  I found out what happened to all of our old coke and beer bottles.  Very young children were blowing them into big round  green and brown balls that were used with the fishing nets.  All of us women had to buy some of these so the bus was really overloaded on the way back!

There very few cars, but boy did they blow their horns...and just race all over!  I never drove over there; I was too scared!  I felt much safer in a pedicab!

We were never robbed, but the Provost Marshall who lived across the walk from us was -- his name was Capt. George -- so we hired guards and never had a problem."


Victor said...

I believe the British Embassy Elizabeth visited is actually the British Consulate in Tamsui, Taipei.
In 1950, the UK switched recognition from Taiwan to the People’s Republic of China (PRC), while maintaining the British Consulate in Tamsui, through which the UK continued to carry out consular and trade-related activities. The Consulate was closed after the UK and the PRC upgraded relations to Ambassadorial level in March 1972, and in June 1980 the building and land of the Consulate were returned to the Taiwanese government.

The following is what the building looks like today.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I will have the lobster tails and prime rib for $3.35, please.