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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Auto Insurance In Taiwan

Page 88 of the Taiwan Report, the newcomers guide to living in Taipei, described the procedures for registering and operating a motor vehicle in Taiwan.  It stated the minimum insurance requirements as well, and said that your insurance had to be through a company that had a claims agent in Taiwan. I didn't own a car during my tour at USTDC, but I'm wondering if anyone who did can recall what company he/she was insured by.  Also, where was your agent located -- in the compound, in Taipei or elsewhere?

Does anyone recall how much you were paying for insurance in Taipei back then?  I remember that as a young airman with a clean driving record, my car insurance rates in the States were through the roof.  I was stationed in Sacramento when I turned 25 and got married in the same month and my car insurance rates plummeted.  It was like I magically became a model citizen overnight.

*** UPDATE ***

Sarj Bloom just submitted his insurance card from 1961-62.



sarj said...

I saw something in my old files and I believe it was something Marine...
I'll go back and look maybe I can find it again. I don't know if it will have the cost with it. I remember it to be pretty cheap maybe $80 per year??

Anonymous said...

Maybe Taiwan Fire and Marine? That seems to ring a vague bell.

Les D.

sarj said...

what is the date of the Taiwan Report? Some of the things sound like it could relate to the early 60's and other sound like much later?
I don't remember having an inspection and I'm sorry to say I don't remember going to Keelung to pick it up. Man you are making me think too much.

Don said...

That issue of the Taiwan Report was printed in 1973. There was at least one earlier issue from sometime in the 1960s that I saw on eBay a while back, but I don't know if there were any others.

Bill-USACC said...


I forgot out car insurance. I went to my memory bank and in 1973 I got the insurance through the Fire & Marine company. Seems that I registered the car and got insurance on the compound, then went to Keelung and picked it up.
Drove it back to the compound and got inspected. I think that happened at the gas station and went back to PMO to give them the paperwork.
Of course I could be wrong!!!