Photo of USTDC courtesy of Les Duffin

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Building Layout -- Continued

I recently asked for input on the layout of the USTDC building and I received this email from Ed Bunting:

I was assigned to the photo lab in the quonset hut in '57-'58. The building next to it housed a 24" X 24" horizontal copy camera and darkroom. The back of the building had a printing press for our only lithographer's mate. The building behind that was the photo commander's office and a storeroom. The photo interpretation unit and crypto unit was in the basement of the main building. There was another quonset hut off to the left that doesn't show in the photo that was the Seabee unit. That is about all I can remember. I hope it helps.

Ed Bunting (PHG2)
I know that some offices were moved around over the years, but I don't remember the quonset hut when I was there in 1973-74. Does anyone recall if that's true and, if so, where the photo lab was moved to?

Also, I have no memory of a basement in the building. I believe that the photo interpretation guys (Larry and Pete, in my day) were up on the second floor somewhere. Does anyone recall where the basement stairs were?


Anonymous said...

OK, let's see if my faded memory can help. Don, when you came in past Tailor Lu, past the Chinese guard, into the TDC building, just a few feet in and you could turn right and go down a slight ramp.

There was a security door there when I was there (J22) and then we moved to the new building. This new building was behind the original TDC building (to the left as you came in the front gate to TDC).

Don: I think you said once that you worked in those spaces in the original TDC building after J22 vacated them.

Also, the photo lab was in that
quonset hut when I was there so
it must have moved after 72.

All the best

Jim Sartor

sarj said...

I'm glad that Ed wrote and that is how I remember the compound. The only thing not mentioned was the barber shop that was just right of the rear entrance. Stev remembers it too. The photo interp guys were in the basement just as you went in the back door you went right to go down.
I imagine that the flooding from Gloria in Sept 03 destroyed that area for ever, that's why later folks remember it on another floor.
Also the building right beside the Photo Lab was a maintenace building with a generator that ran a lot.