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Friday, July 31, 2009

Taipei Area Sports Car Club

I wrote a piece back in February, 2008, about the Taipei Area Sports Car Club (TASCC). Jim Sartor and a group of friends started the club in 1971. It was still active during 1973-74 when I was there and my office mate John Cranford was a member. He had a 240Z and invited me to ride with him one weekend to see him compete in a rally.

I recently came across several old reels of 8MM film in a box in the closet. I knew what was on a couple of them, but the rest were a mystery. I decided to just have them all converted to DVD and much to my surprise, I found a short snippet of John and his Z throwing Taiwan dust in all directions as he maneuvered through the course. I don't recall where this rally was being held but it seems to me that we flew through at least a village or two to get there.

At the very beginning of this short clip, there are just a couple of seconds of a jet flying overhead. I've mentioned several times previously in this blog about how low (and LOUD!) those jets were as they flew over my room at the hostel. Of course there's no sound on this clip, but you can see how low they flew over my room. Cathay Pacific was the absolute worst!

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Anonymous said...

Good grief! Didn't know any of these pix survived. This clip is of the TASCC at play on weekends in an open area just outside Shu Linkou itself. We'd drive up the mountain, set up a different course every time, using traffic cones to determine the shape.

Was hilarious watching the Taiwan military guards who had never seen anything like what we were doing?

Always wondered what they thought of those "Crazy Americans" racing around in the dirt with their new
sports cars.

Thanks for the memories!!

Jim Sartor